Innovinco helps big companies be more innovative

The Sunday Times
15th July 2018

What we do

We focus 100% on helping individuals & teams in large established companies to accelerate innovation performance.

How we do it

We work in 3 unique ways to maximise impact for your business:

We sell bitesize, pay-as-you-go solutions, lasting from 2 hours to 2 days

moving innovation forward in a fast, efficient & agile way 

We deliver solutions in physical, digital & blended formats

matching our solution to your specific situation

Our solutions are always led by senior talents with real-life experience of successfully innovating in large companie 

providing real-life expertise from people who’ve been in your shoe 

Why it works

Any collaboration with Innovinco starts with us listening to you. This allows us to sharply understand & pressure-check which of the 6 jobs-to-be done or needs of corporate innovators you have. 

Based on this diagnosis, we will recommend the solution which best responds to your need

What our clients say

Who we work with

We exclusively work with market-leading multinational companies, from across all industry sectors: 


Want to know more?

If you’d like to discover more about what we do, see case studies or client testimonies, please let us know and the most suitable member of the Innovinco team.will be in touch.

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